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Yachdav was founded by Rabbi Binyamin Gottlieb shortly after he and his family were evicted, alnong with 1,800 other families from Gush Katif. Instead of becoming encompassed with anger and8057.56e8ae66cf47f098cd6f49aa28ccf199 negativity or even leaving the country, Rabbi Gottleib poured his energies into securing a better future for the people of Gush Katif and until this day works to help those still in need 10 years later.

American Friends of Yachdav is a registered 501c3 nonprofit with the IRS, EIN 56-2441110 and has been assisting those in need and less fortunate for the past 10 years. Legal battles with the government left them with no permanent place to live. After years of legal battles, many families received land in various parts of the country, however,  many of these families were farmers who supplied a major portion of produce to Israel. Left without a way of earning a living their funds dried up. Rabbi Binyamin Gottlieb and Rabbbi Shlomo Yarimi took it upon themselves to help. With many fundraising trips they did their best to sustain,at least  at the minimum these families.

Throughout the past 11 years, Rabbi Gottlieb has been assisting families who were evicted from Gush Katif in many ways. As of 2016 there are still more than 370 families with permanent housing, living in caravans old and decrepit but doing their best.

For all of these years they have devoted their time and effort to care for these families, who as of 2016 375 families are still without a permanent place to live.


DSC01319Due to one family having to deal with a child with cancer, Yachdav became involved with helping children and their families with suffering with cancer. While there are many cancer support organizations, Yachdav realized that there was a gap in a critical service. Consulting with the Tom Coughlin Jay Fund in New York, we realized that we were correct in what we were seeing.  Who is there to support the family of the sick child. Who is there to support and counsel the healthy siblings who become all but forgotten? Who is there when parents must leave work to care for a sick child and they do not have enough income to support their families, pay utility bills, mortgages, food and clothing.

Yachdav expanded to help families in need as well as the child who is ill.  Our motto, “To Care for the Forgotten” is exactly that.



(Aladay Aminu – Professional basketball player for Poel Eilat on a visit to a children’s cancer center in Tel Hashomer.)

Sderot and Southern Israel:12924432_993834303999497_3811753822818486604_n

Having gone through the saga of Gush Katif, Yachdav expanded to one more area. The city of Sderot and the Gaza border. Working and supporting the Merkaz Hachesed od Sderot, Yachdav has been able to help the residents of Sderot. Due to the constant tension on the southern border, businesses left. There is a shortage of jobs and the young are leaving.Many elderly are left without basic needs. We have delivered refrigerators, tables, chairs, clothing, medication, wheelchairs, walkers and other basic needs to people who have all but been forgotten. 750 Food packages are delivered each and every week to families who would otherwise go hungry.

American Friends of Yachdav
C/o Mr. David Greenbaum
819 Caffrey Ave
Far Rockaway, N.Y.

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