Yachdav to Honor NY Assemblyman Dov and Shani Hikind

When the Gush Katif saga occurred, New York State Assemblyman Dov Hikind and his wife Shani, lifetime supporters of Israel, took the entire episode very hard. He made many trips to Israel bringing many hundreds of people to see for themselves what Gush Katif was and how it was built from wasteland to a flourishing agricultural area with the toil and labor over a 30 year period.

Dov Hikind did not forget the 1,800 families evicted. After meeting Rabbi Gottlieb and having spent many trips with him in Gush Katif he made it his mission to assist in raising funds for those left without and until this day continues to do so. He did and does it with no fanfare or promotion for himself. This Gala is a fundraising event for the work of Yachdav, however, equally important is honoring Dov and Shani Hikind for their selfless dedication for more than a decade to those who are still suffering.


NOTE: Thank you to the owners of The venue of the evening, The Elite Palace is not enough to express our gratitude to them for sponsoring this event at no cost to Yachdav. They have donated the evening including hall and catering to honor Dov and Shani Hikind and to help Yachdav raise funds for people in dire need of assistance. This means that 100% of your donation goes to help the less fortunate and not to pay for a 5 star Gala event.